"Greek Breakfast"

Aithrio Guesthouse offers you every day fresh homemade bread, different kinds of cakes (orange, lemon, chocolate, raisins, nuts), fresh butter, fresh milk, fresh yoghurt, epirotic cheese, boiled eggs or omelete, handmade jams (berries, vigs, cherry, pomegrade).

Spinachpie, cheesepie, milkpie and rice porridge complete the variety of our breakfast.

The honey of our village gives the visitor the opportunity tasting the smell of rare wilde flowers to be found in the Zagoria.

If someone is feeling cold, the warm beverages with local herbs, collected by hand in the mountains, in combination with a tasty "Tragana" soup will relieve him.

Aithrio guesthouse is one of the first guesthouses in Zagoria which participates in the "Greek Breakfast Programme".

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